Class Dress Code

Having the proper attire is important to the focus and uniformity of a dance class. Please have each child come to each class in the required dance wear with their hair slicked back, out of their face, in either a braided ponytail or bun. (A bun is required for ALL ballet class.)

The dress codes below outline what every girl should wear to class. Boys are not always required to wear tights. You can talk to Mrs. Tamara about acceptable attire for men and boys.

Toddler Classes

  • Leotard (no skirts or tutus)
  • Pink convertible tights
  • Pink ballet shoes

Combo Classes

  • Leotard (no skirts & tutus)
  • Pink tights
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Tap shoes or jazz shoes


  • Black leotard
  • Pink tights
  • Ballet shoes


  • Leotard
  • Tan tights
  • Jazz shoes
  • Jazz shorts optional over leotard & tights


  • Leotard
  • Black or tan tights
  • Tap shoes
  • Jazz shorts/leggings optional over leotard & tights

Hip Hop

  • Sweats/leggings and a t-shirt
  • BRAND NEW pair of tennis shoes only worn in the studio


  • Leotard
  • Dance shorts
  • Convertible tights & bare feet