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We look forward to nuturing and enhancing your child’s experience in the world of dance!

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These classes are for our youngest dancers, ages 3-4. They focus on teaching the basic fundamentals of dance and encourage creativity through the medium of dance. Students learn to hop, skip, jump and to take direction with the use of small props. 

These classes are for Kindergarten and First graders. The class time is divided between two dance styles to give students a chance to try multiple styles of dance. It also helps teach different movement base and rhythms. 

These classes are designed to give students a detailed knowledge of classical ballet which includes technique, alignment, terminology, musicality, and artistic expression. Basic anatomy is also taught to develop their understanding of how their body moves. Class consists to barre work, center work, and across the floor. Students are evaluated and placed in these levels by the Instructor.
These classes explore the creative and artistic form of dance through a strong foundation in ballet an jazz technique. This style of dance is constantly changing an evolving with current trends. The students experience moving in and out of traditional techniques while picking up on new subtle movement challenges. Students wishing to participate in these classes must be enrolled in ballet also.

These classes focus on traditional jazz vocabulary and various styles of jazz including broadway jazz, lyrical jazz and commercial jazz. The class focuses on developing strength, flexibility, correct alignment, and coordination which draw heavily from ballet technique. Students will develop the ability to move quickly and think fast. The goal is to develop dancers who are expressive, dynamic, musical and passionate.

Tap is a style of dance in which a dancer wearing shoes fitted with heel and toe taps sounds out audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor or any other hard surface as a form of percussion. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality.

A high energy dance class based on street dancing that uses popular hip hop and pop music. The intricate movements, dynamics and body isolations build a dancer’s stamina while keeping them current in a field that is forever changing. Clean shoes are required to attend.

A class focusing specifically on developing the skills and technique needed for leaps and turns popular in the competition dance world.

“Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.”

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These classes focus on the tumbling aspect of gymnastics. Classes focus on building core strength and flexibility while acquiring valuable skills that can easily transfer to dance classes.

A workout class centered on building muscle groups that help with dance technique.

An open form technique class that can focus on jazz, contemporary, ballet, or other forms of technique. 

Level Guide

Recital Classes

Classes labeled by age (Toddler, Mini, Petite, Junior, Teen) all participate in recital. They are beginner to intermediate in difficulty and are designed for kids who wish to take under 4-5 hours a week.

Generally, dancers start out in the class that matches their age. If they desire more of a challenge or need to return back to basics, they can move up or down as needed.

Level & Company Classes

Classes labelled as Levels are generally reserved for advanced dancers or our competitive company. Teacher approval is required for any students wanting to participate in Levels I – III. 

Each Level has specific course requirements in order to be able to attend class. Not all Level courses will participate in recital. Please give us a call for more information. 

2021-2022 Fall Class Schedule

Click on any of the days below to see the daily schedule for our 2020-2021 Season. You can also download the entire schedule as a PDF to have for reference.

DayStart TimeEnd TimeLevelClassRoom
Monday4:00PM4:45PMMiniAcroRoom 1


4:45PM5:45PMLevel 1BalletRoom 1
Monday5:45PM7:00PMLevel 2/3BalletRoom 1
Monday7:00PM8:15PMLevel 3/4BalletRoom 1
Monday8:15PM9:30PMLevel 3/4JazzRoom 1
Monday4:45PM5:45PMPre-CompanyJazzRoom 2
Monday5:45PM7:00PMLevel 1JazzRoom 2
Monday7:00PM8:15PMLevel 2/3JazzRoom 2
Monday4:00PM5:00PMToddlerBallet/TumblingRoom 3
Monday5:00PM6:00PMMiniBallet/TapRoom 3
Tuesday5:00PM6:00PMPetite/JuniorBalletRoom 1
Tuesday6:00PM7:15PMLevel 1/2BalletRoom 1
Tuesday7:15PM8:30PMLevel 3/4BalletRoom 1
Tuesday8:30PM9:30PMLevel 3/4LyricalRoom 1
Tuesday4:00PM5:00PMPetiteTapRoom 2
Tuesday5:00PM6:00PMLevel 2Hip HopRoom 2
Tuesday6:00PM7:00PMLevel 3/4Hip HopRoom 2
Tuesday7:00PM8:00PMJunior/TeenJazzRoom 2
Tuesday4:00PM5:00PMMiniBallet/JazzRoom 3
Tuesday5:00PM6:00PMToddlerBallet/TumblingRoom 3
Tuesday6:00PM7:00PMPetite/JuniorMusical TheaterRoom 3
Wednesday3:00PM4:00PMPetiteAcroRoom 1
Wednesday4:00PM5:00PMLevel 1/2AcroRoom 1
Wednesday5:15PM6:45PMIntermediateBalletRoom 1
Wednesday6:45PM8:00PMAdvancedBalletRoom 1
Wednesday4:00PM5:00PMPetiteHip HopRoom 2
Wednesday5:00PM6:00PMLevel 1Hip HopRoom 2
Wednesday6:00PM7:00PMLevel 1TapRoom 2
Wednesday7:00PM8:00PMIntermediateTapRoom 2
Wednesday8:00PM9:00PMAdvancedTapRoom 2
Wednesday4:00PM5:00PMPre-CompanyBalletRoom 3
Wednesday5:00PM5:30PMPre-CompanyTapRoom 3
Wednesday6:00PM7:00PMJuniorHip Hop 2Room 3
Wednesday8:00PM9:00PMIntermediateJazz TechniqueRoom 1
Thursday4:45PM6:00PMLevel 3/4BalletRoom 1
Thursday6:00PM7:00PMLevel 3/4Acro DanceRoom 1
Thursday7:00PM8:00PMLevel 3/4Jazz TechniqueRoom 1
Thursday8:00PM9:15PMLevel 3/4ContemporaryRoom 1
Thursday5:00PM6:00PMLevel 1ContemporaryRoom 2
Thursday6:00PM7:00PMLevel 1/2Jazz TechniqueRoom 2
Thursday7:00PM8:00PMLevel 2ContemporaryRoom 2


Mini Ballet/TapRoom 3
Thursday5:00PM6:00PMPetiteJazzRoom 3
Friday5:00PM6:30PMJunior CompanyRehearsalsRoom 1
Friday6:30PM8:30PMCompanyRehearsalsRoom 1